The patient-centered medication use review service

Presentation abstract

Inappropriate polypharmacy, medication-related errors and medication non-adherence are global healthcare challenges causing significant patient harm. The pharmacist-led medication review is a commonly accepted method to ensure medication safety in polypharmacy patients. One of the most essential preconditions for the MUR service to succeed is collaboration not only between health workers but also between the pharmacist and the patient. This presentation will look more closely at how to apply the patient-centered approach in MURs. The following seminars carried out by clinical pharmacists and other leading experts will focus on how to implement this knowledge in case of specific patient groups.

Brief biographies

Anita Tuula is an active community pharmacist and a PhD candidate at University of Tartu. Anita’s main research topics include medication use review (MUR), classifying drug-related problems and determining decision-support systems applicable for the MUR service. Anita is one of the coordinators of the international MUR network, which aims to support the implementation of MUR in practice in Eastern Europe and Iran.




Daisy Volmer graduated from the University of Tartu as a pharmacist and works at the Institute of Pharmacy as an associate professor in social pharmacy. In addition, she is a program director of the pharmacy curriculum, an Executive Committee member of the European Association of Faculties of Pharmacy and member of the International Service Program Advisory Group of the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education. More than 15 years she has focused on researching and teaching what factors, in addition to the quality and technological aspects of medicinal products, influence the use of medicines. For the past years, Daisy’s research has focused on the safe and effective use of medicines in elderly polypharmacy patients. She is one of the initiators and developers of the medication use review service at community pharmacies in Estonia.