Medication Use Review (MUR) as an effective tool to optimise the pharmacological treatment – Ministerial MUR pilot project in Poland

Presentation abstract

Pharmaceutical care is an integral part of any healthcare system. Taking into account polypharmacy among elderly and potentially inappropriate pharmacotherapy in these patients there was a need to create both substantive foundations and practical solutions in the area of pharmaceutical care in geriatrics. In order to create the novel pharmaceutical care model, an intervention study was carried out in 2011–2016 as part of the project “Pharmaceutical care in geriatrics” (OF-Senior) financed by the National Science Centre (Grant N N405674340). The project involved the experienced pharmacists from 10 pharmacies in Poznań, Poland and 300 elderly persons aged over 65 with severe polypharmacy (10 or more medications). The presented model was recommended and accepted by the Polish Government as a basis for introducing pharmaceutical care for elderly patients as integral  part of the healthcare system in Poland.  The pharmaceutical legislation was adjusted and the pilot project of Medication Therapy Management was established.

Brief biography

Assistant professor at the Geriatrics Laboratory of the Chair and Clinic of Palliative Medicine, Medical University of Karola Marcinkowski in Poznań, a graduate of the European Academy for Medicine of Aging (EAMA, IUKB Foundation in Switzerland). Member of the Main Board of the Polish Gerontological Society and the European Geriatric Medicine Society, expert of the Pharmaceutical Care Team at the Ministry of Health.