Development of an eHealth quality criteria list

Presentation abstract

While the field of eHealth is increasing, patients often find it difficult to select an appropriate healthrelated smartphone application. They seek help from their health care professionals, but they also struggle to evaluate and recommend high-quality apps. Several evaluation instruments exist; however, they were not developed using a systematic approach and / or are not comprehensive. Therefore, this presentation will describe a multi-stage project to develop an evaluation tool for health care professionals to assess and evaluate the quality of existing eHealth smartphone applications to be used by patients. Important discussions revolve around how detailed and for which situations such a tool should be applicable in order to support health care professionals in evaluating health-related smartphone applications.

Brief biography

Janette Ribaut is a nurse and PhD student in Nursing Science at the University of Basel, Switzerland since fall 2019. Her first supervisor is Prof. Dr. Sabina De Geest. In her research, she focuses on the implementation of eHealth-supported medication adherence interventions in transplantation as well as the evaluation of eHealth applications. For example, she is part of the bi-national SMILe project (development/adaptation, implementation and evaluation of an integrated care model in allogeneic SteM cell transplantatIon faciLitated by eHealth) and is currently developing a quality criteria checklist to evaluate eHealth applications.