All participants are welcome to submit abstracts on following topics:

  • • Patient-centered care
  • • Health services improving patient’s medication use
  • • Health literacy
  • • Adherence monitoring
  • • Digital solutions supporting patient treatment outcomes


For abstracts, please use the following structure:

  • • Title
  • • Authors: First author – Surname, First name; second author – Surname, First name, etc. E-mail of corresponding author:
  • • Affiliation: institution; country
  • • Introduction
  • • Methods
  • • Results
  • • Conclusion
  • • Number of words: max 300


All abstracts will be evaluated by Scientific Committee. Accepted abstracts will be published in Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy. Authors can, if interested, expand their abstracts into an article and submit it for publication in the same journal.
To publish the abstract in journal, it is necessary for at least one author to register for the conference.

The case should be saved as a PDF file and sent to us via the following form. In case of a successful upload, You will be redirected to a confirmation page. Should You have any trouble uploading the abstract using this page, please contact us directly.

Fill in your e-mail and select your abstract file (PDF):

You will get a confirmation upon receipt of the abstract. If you don’t receive a confirmation within a reasonable time, please contact us.