The third conference about patient-centered care and digital innovation in healthcare.


Pharmacists, assistant pharmacists, general practitioners, nurses and other healthcare specialists; pharmacy and medical students; representatives of academia; policymakers in healthcare and pharmacy.

When and where?

25.11.– 27.11.2021
Pärnu Rannahotell, Estonia 

Dear colleagues!

For the third time, we invite you to the NCPC, the interdisciplinary, integrated and individualized care conference series, which in this year is dedicated to patient-centeredness and innovative digital solutions in healthcare. The conference series, which was first introduced in 2017, seeks to bring practicing specialists various skills and knowledge that could be applied in everyday professional activities to make them more efficient.

One of the principles of the conference is to bring together representatives of different health care professions – doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and others to support and improve patients’ health in joint and coordinated activities. Similarly to previous years, presentations alternate with interactive workshops, where it is possible to immediately use the gained knowledge in practice. Unlike previous years, it is possible to submit your research as an e-poster and the abstract will be published in the leading professional journal Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy.

Despite the difficult circumstances, we plan to hold the conference in-person, offering the opportunity to meet again face-to-face and communicate directly with each other and with the speakers. If the epidemiological situation changes, we will announce possible changes in the conference arrangement in time, but we still hope to meet you in Pärnu, Estonia!

Main topics at the conference:

• Patient empowerment – health worker perspective

• Patient-centered care

• Digital solutions in healthcare

• Rational use of medicines

Interactive workshops about medication use review – holistic approach; development of a patient-centered organizational culture; how to implement, measure and improve activities to assure patient safety; additional risk minimisation measures and digital solutions in healthcare.

See You in November!


In the name of all committees



Head of the Scientific and Organising Committee

Associate Professor in Social Pharmacy
Pharmacy Program Director

Institute of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine
University of Tartu, Estonia

The NCPC2021 is sponsored by European Union European Regional Development Fund. In addition to our scientific agenda, the project also aims to introduce parts of Estonia and Estonian culture that are harder to reach, yet worthy of doing so.